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The Women’s Prize Trust is a registered charity championing women writers on a global stage.

We empower all women to raise their voice and own their story, shining a spotlight on outstanding and ambitious fiction by women from anywhere in the world, regardless of their age, race, nationality or background. 

We showcase the very best writing by women for everyone through the Women’s Prize for Fiction, one of the most respected, celebrated and successful literary awards in the world. Our programmes, such as Discoveries and First Chapter, support aspiring writers with mentoring, tools and advice.

We ensure that all readers have access to the best contemporary women’s fiction by providing free resources online and in bookshops and libraries, supporting reading groups, hosting events and the Women’s Prize for Fiction podcast.

Click here to read more about our work, and here to read the Women’s Prize for Fiction’s origin story.

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With your support, we can shine a spotlight on outstanding, ambitious, original fiction by women.


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We know that both reading and writing, and our work around them: 

  • Develops communication skills
  • Increases confidence
  • Supports health and wellbeing
  • Encourages empathy and insight
  • Fosters connections, relationships and networks
  • And ultimately contributes towards creating a thriving cultural economy, and a more equal and diverse society.

In hard numbers, this equates to:

  • A global community of 16 million women.
  • 5.4 million copies of the Women’s Prize for Fiction’s winning books sold in the UK, to the value of £36m.
  • 100,000 readers attending our events.
  • 354 female authors made household names through the Women’s Prize for Fiction.
  • 2,426 emerging writers supported through our programmes.
  • 3,200 readers from in-need backgrounds subsidised.
  • 2,900 books donated to other charities in the last year.