Gifts for people who don’t really read…

While reading is a joy for some, we know for others it can be a bit of a struggle. The beauty of storytelling is that in comes in a variety of forms from poems, to graphic novels to short stories to audiobooks. There is no one way to engage with a gripping plot, with terrific characters and an exhilarating ending. Our list for people who don’t really read books is a celebration of reading in all its wonderful shape-shifting glory.

Marple: Short Stories by 12 authors including Kate Mosse, Val Mcdermid, Naomi Alderman and more!

Does it really count as “reading” if it’s lovely little vignettes into the sleuthing world of Jane Marple. Each a perfect plot illustrating the wit and ability to observe human nature that makes Jane Marple one of our very favourite amateur sleuths. More like watching a classy BBC mini-series…


The Women’s Prize Tote Bag

Whether you carry books inside the Women’s Prize Book bag is besides the point. It is just as useful for saturday morning croissants as it is for a spare change of shoes on a night out. What it does say is that you support books by women and if you only read one book a year, that still counts.


Invisible Coffee

Did you know the Women’s Prize Trust is a charity? By purchasing one of our cups of invisible coffee, you are donating to our mission to enrich society by creating equitable opportunities for women in the world of books and beyond. We work with readers from under-represented backgrounds, providing free books, resources and a ready-made community, to increase empathy, expand imaginations and empower connection. All that in one cup of coffee!


Normal Rules Don’t Apply by Kate Atkinson

The first story collection from Kate Atkinson in twenty years, Normal Rules Don’t Apply is the perfect gift for the non-reader in your life. For who could resist dipping into these pages to meet a queen who makes a bargain she cannot keep; a secretary who watches over the life she has just left; a man whose luck changes when a horse speaks to him… These are storytelling gems that deserve to be savoured.


Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

We could say if you were going to read one book this year read Fourth Wing but that would be a lie. If you were going to read one, we’d recommend two, then three, then four etc… And technically after you’ve finished Fourth Wing you’ll feel compelled to read Iron Flame but there you go. This book is an escapist dream of flying dragons, epic romances, dark academia, huge family secrets and strong female characters. Dive right in.


The Orange by Wendy Cope

Sometimes it can seem like poetry is only meant to be read by those who speak iambic pentameter fluently and read The Iliad before they hit puberty. But Wendy Cope’s poems are accessible, witty and charming. Addressing the entire human experience from falling in love to heartbreak, tears of laughter to tears of grief, The Orange will make you feel seen, heard and understood all whilst making you cackle from cover to cover.


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