Gifts for Curious Minds

Some gifts allow you to switch off and just relax, while others turn your brain on to new ideas, thoughts and experiences. From objects that defined a generation, to an audiobook that changes the way you see the world, to an author t-shirt you can wear loud and proud, there are gifts for curious minds of all sizes in this list.

Please support the Women’s Prize by adding an invisible gift to your order.

A History of Women in 101 Objects by Annabelle Hirsch

Everyday objects have the power to tell us more about women’s history than any male historian ever could. Find out the importance of cave paintings, mobile phones and even Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring in this absorbing exploration of the history of women told through the items they used.


Reading Women – Women’s Prize Tee

Don’t just read books written by women, wear a t-shirt that tells people you read books written by women. Wearing a Reading Women t-shirt isn’t just fashion, its a way of life. Wear it loud, wear it proud and support the Women’s Prize Trust whilst you do.


How to be Both by Ali Smith

Spanning six centries and following the lives of a 1460s renaissance artist and a child of the 1960s, this book must be read to be believed. Winner of the 2015 Women’s Prize for Fiction, Ali Smith bends time, art, fiction and truth in this gripping novel celebrating the power of second chances.



Invisible Tickets

Buying tickets can be a stressful ordeal, waiting in a virtual queue with a number counting down of how many people are in front of you. When you buy invisible tickets from us, the numbers will be increasing not decreasing as your donation will help support us enrich society by creating equitable opportunities for women in the world of books and beyond.


The Golden Mole and other Vanishing Treasure by Katherine Rundell

Celebrating 22 surprising and strange species, The Golden Mole highlights our need to take care of the animals we share our planet with. From pangolins to wombats, lemurs to seahorses, this book will satisfy even the most animal conscious mind. It’s also the perfect book to read after reading Rundell’s new Waterstones book of the Year Impossible Creatures.


Membership to Audible

There is no denying that reading a book on a rainy day is the perfect Sunday. But have you ever listened to book whilst cooking, or on your commute, or even on a run? It will change the way you experience stories. For £7.99 a month the possibilities are endless for your reading habits and also takes the pressure off choosing a book as a gift, you’re giving a whole library!

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