Jameela Jamil: ‘My love language is humour’

Joining Women’s Prize Podcast host Zawe Ashton this week to discuss her five favourite books by women is Jameela Jamil. Advocate, author, actress, podcaster and presenter, Jameela is a passionate campaigner for social justice, including women’s and trans rights. In a first for the Women’s Prize Podcast, she has selected five non-fiction books that have had a profound impact on her life and influenced her own work. They are all connected to the theme of bodily autonomy and Jameela encourages listeners to empower themselves by having a respect and greater understanding of how their bodies work.

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‘I ate and ate and ate in the hopes that if I made myself big, my body would be safe….

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‘This book had such a remarkable impact on me. Whenever I see a woman laying it all bare, as Roxanne does, I feel inspired, emboldened and humbled. She perfectly words everything you’ve always wanted to say and she does it concisely, beautifully and unpretentiously. Her journey and the way she writes is so remarkable.’

Period Power

Period Power is the handbook to periods and hormones that will leave you wondering why the hell nobody told you…

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‘This book changed my life. To have a book that doesn’t just explain my period and my hormones to me, but also teaches me how to harness that information to protect and empower myself is incredible. It should be mandatory reading for everyone.’

The Transgender Issue

Taking a wide-ranging and multi-layered look at what it means to be transgender in modern Britain, Faye’s compellingly argued work…

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‘I think Shon Faye is such a genius. She is so educated and what she has done with this book is so special. She has made a bulletproof argument for trans rights and trans justice. It is great for combatting ignorance, and great for those already standing in solidarity with trans people. This is a book we all need to read.’

The Vagina Bible

What’s the truth about the HPV vaccine? Does eating sugar cause yeast infections? Does pubic hair have a function? Should you have…

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‘This book is so well written, it’s so funny. Dr Jen dispels so many myths and explains what gynaecological care is supposed to entail. I learnt so much and it is the exact opposite of everything we read in women’s magazines that messed us all up! It’s liberating.’

Everything’s Trash But It’s Ok

New York Times bestselling author and star of 2 Dope Queens Phoebe Robinson is back with a new, hilarious, and timely essay collection…

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‘I love reading comedy, and what I love about Phoebe is that she is able to break down huge societal issues in such an inimitable and hilarious way. It is so well written and feels like you’re having a conversation with your best friend. I carried it around with me for months.’

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